Introducing rats

Introducing Rats to newcomers

So, thinking about adopting another rattie? " But, how do I make them get along?" I can hear you asking. Well, the answer is this.

Usually you want to introduce rats when they're young, under 11 weeks, though it is possible to introduce them at older ages.  Never just throw a rat into a cage with other rats, make sure you go through the introduction process. Also, make sure you have 2 seperate cages on hand for the new rat to stay in.

1. First, make sure you quarantine the new rat(s) for at leat two weeks.

2.Then put your two rat's cages next to eachother, close enough, but make sure they cant claw/bite eachother.

3. Then switch them into eachother's cages for a few minutes.

4. Next you can introduce them on neutral territory, somewhere neither of them ever go. That is the tricky part. Since it will be the first time the rats have been together, there is bound to be a scuffle. There may be squeaking and a bit of fighting, but this is normal. You can use the bathtub, a bed, etc...

5. Now, let your rats out on territory where both of them are used to playing. Once again, they will probably get in a fight. Keep them together unless one of the rats seems to be actually getting hurt or injured. A trick is to put a small amount of vanilla on their fur, to make them smell the same.

6. If you are sure your rats are comfortable with eachother, it may be safe to finally put them together in their cage. Make sure you clean the cage well, and remove it of the resident rat's odor. Move the 'furniture' and levels around. Place the rats in their cage.

Another hint is to dab yogurt on your rats bodies. Sometimes they will lick it off of eachothers fur and become friends.

Since all rats are different, there are bound to be some who just won't get along. After a week if your rats are still fighting, this should be a hint. Also,  Don't force them to live together.  You can try neutering your rats, as this can sometimes mellow them and more accepting off newcomers.


Just remember, take it slow, dont try to rush any introductions.