College Football Overtime Rules

First, there is no limit to the number of overtime periods in a game.

When the game ends in a tie in regulation (following 4th qtr) there will be an over time period until a team is declared the winner. First, following the 4th qtr. there shall be a 3 minute intermission. Then the captains and head coaches shall come to the middle of the field for a coin toss. The visitors shall have the first choice of the coin toss. Each team is given 1 time out with no carry over time outs.

The winner of the toss shall choose: 1, to be on offense, 2. defense or 3. the goal they wish to defend. The play shall be un timed. Each team gets one opportunity to score or execute their series of downs.

The ball will be put into play at the 25 yard line barring any carry over penalties. It will be regular football from that point forward with four downs to get a first down or score.

Once the offensive team scores or the defensive team gains possession the offensive team's Opportunity ends and the defensive team then gains possession and becomes the offensive team and gets their opportunity to score. Beginning the 3rd OT period each team must attempt a 2 point conversion follow a touch down if they want the extra points. A "field goal for PAT" in the 3rd OT or Subsequent OT periods will not count as points by rule.