Foods not to Feed Rats

Here is a list of dangerous foods to feed rats. 

peanuts and raw dry beans
raw sweet potato
unripe bananas(green)
green potato skin and eyes
raw bulk tofu-use packaged tofu instead can contain bacteria, packaged raw tofu is safe
oranges and orange juice (only bad for male rats)
carbonated drinks
below are some foods to avoid. They are not as harmful as the top list, but it is best if you keep your rat away from them.
tomatoes leaves
fruit pits (peach,cherry,apricot...)
jam & jelly
There have been many disagreements between rat owners about whether chocolate is safe for rats. Some people say that chocolate can not be digested by rats. Others say that they often feed it to their ratties without anything going wrong. I personally dont feed rat s chocolate(mostly because it is disliked). I dont think it will do any harm though if you feed your rats it. Also, many people say that small amounts of dark chocolate can improve respirator infections in rats.
Peanut Butter.
Like chocolate, many people are questioning whether peanut butter is rat-safe. I think that choking on peanut butter is a valid case, so i tend to keep rats away from it.